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Seeding the World...

The concept actually began in Santa Elena, Yucatan near the city of Merida, Yucatan, March 2018, when I visited a non-profit organic food production facility specializing in the cultivation of organic habenero peppers.  We toured their operations and learned about their project. 


In the past I worked as manager of an organic soils production facility and worked with organics, so I knew quite a lot about the controlled green houses this facility was using.  I had met quite a few involved in organic food production and organic soils restoration in the United States and so I wanted to expand my connections and from there I chose to enter in to the gates of the Yucatan, and learn more of the ecology of this region. 


Combining business marketing with permaculture design seemed to be a natural move.  Observing the Maya of the Yucatan for 30 years, I felt a strong tie with the indigenous, who are deeply rooted in their devotion to the care of nature, the protection of the forests and the restoration of their ecology.   In my observation, I found the Mayans  demonstrated the closest organic gardening practices to that of permaculture.  Thus,  permaculture design education there seemed a possibility for us.  Some from the community of Santa Elena,Yucatan agreed to join our efforts as global peace builders  to create educational programs for the betterment of our global ecology.  It has been the often challenging but slow and sure process that engaged us in joining the ever expanding global network comprised of those dedicated to the restoration and regeneration  of our precious environment here on planet Earth.  -- Ma'alob!

In Santa Elena, we  began plans for forming an active educational team for the local high school youths across the Yucatan.  We were approached by a high school principal who was interested to see if we could give a presentation in  Chetumal, Quintana Roo to the high school students there about what we do so that they could see positive efforts some groups are making  toward repairing the environment.  Since the new Mexican school system has introduced an environment studies pilot program, our presentation in Chetumal sparked an interest  of Santa Elena schools.  The Santa Elena COBAY had just started a student gardens project on their own with their school grounds.  Now, we have the opportunity for 200 students and a possible 4 year supplemental educational program that includes Permaculture Design and other topics that will  assist students where it is most needed. 




Due to the recent global restrictions from COVID-19, all plans are on hold now, due to the closing of the schools, so we are restricted from continuing further planning of the pilot project.  We will update as soon as there is any change.



Our services include permaculture design consultation, research and development, education training for organic soil restoration and organic food production in gardening for homesteads, urban and rural developments, schools, universities, restaurants, eco-hotels, intentional communities, and city municipal properties allocated for organic gardens.  Other topics we offer mentorship are English, Mathematics, Science, History, and Mayan Language.  Students will also have the opportunity for art, research of the Mayan Culture, and education of Mayan botanical plants and regional tree studies, film documentary classes, radio and TV production for education.  

We are a part of the AWESMIC® movement - Awesome and Cosmic peace prosperity for a PROSPER US economy supporting conscious positive choice and conscious efforts toward holistic global ecology.  AWESMIC® is marketing that is educational in nature with its inspirational creative outreach approach that engages the public through customized heuristic activities when promoting products and services.  Through the AWESMIC® approach we expand into our greater global awareness community for a better world, WE - TURN IT AROUND for the highest good and benefit for ALL.

  Sembrando El Mundo, LLC is based in the Texas Hill Country. 

Seeding the World  - Supporting Human Becoming


  We thank you for your interest in the upliftment of our valuable planet

and in creating a vibrant living environment for now and the future!  


At the PEAK of PEACE...We are Peace Builders in the NOW.



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Marketing, Research, Development and 

Global Outreach

Certified Permaculture Designer and Instructor

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Miguel Aaron Uc Keb - Director of Operations

Education, Events, Outreach, Global Networking

Living Library Project - Yucatan

Intern - Instructor Permaculture Design

Ricardo Magaña Sotelo - Administrator

Educational Curriculum, Documentary & Research

Living Library Project - Yucatan

Intern - Instructor Permaculture Design

Gabriel Chale - Documentary and Logistics Coordinator

Living Library Project - Yucatan

Human Resource Education

Intern Permaculture Design

World Peace